Best Long hairstyles for black women idea

Best Long hairstyles for black women

long hairstyles for black African American women

Let’s discuss how trendy “long hairstyles for black women” are in everywhere. As now a days black women are center of attraction for anyone around the world and every girl wants to follow African American Women fashion to look attractive. Having long beautiful hair is like a biggest dream for many girls and only God know or Husbands know that how crazily women follow different hair growth tips, home remedies for long hair, shampoos, Vitamins and so many other products. I must say, ladies having long hair naturally should be thankful for this treasure gifted by God and they can try many long hairstyles for black women.

Benefits for having long hairstyles for black women

There are thousands of hairstyles for long hair but if we talk about long hairstyles for black women, those have special attraction in each of hairstyle which suits best to ladies around the world according to face-shape and hair texture.

Of course, managing short haircuts is easier than long haircuts but you should decide what can satisfy you most in terms of beauty, I am sure, your answer will be long hairstyles for black women can give you beautifully satisfied feelings.

  • Having ultra-sleek long hair allows you to try multiple long hairstyles for black women time to time.
  • Minor changes or retouch can give you new level of attraction.
  • Few of long hairstyles for black women helps you to give beautiful facial look such as having side puff or side layers can change look of face shape into long to short etc.
  • Long hairstyles for black women can easily turn from straight to curls and backward anytime due to lengthy hair.
  • Long hair allows you to instantly change your hairstyle according to your dress or the occasion.

Best Trendy Long hairstyles for black women

Having long hair is cool but question is, how to manage long hairstyles for black women? So let’s discuss few Trendy Long hairstyles for black women such as long hair weave styles for black women, long layered hairstyles for women, Weave hairstyles for black women etc. as there is endless list of long hairstyles for black women. You might be well aware with few of listed below and for opting some hairstyles you might say, “nah, I can’t copy such hairstyle at all.” I must suggest that take these long hairstyles for black women as ideas and try any of your choice, you don’t need to copy exactly what described but near about hairstyle will also work great on you.

1: A Sleek Bob Medium to Long hai rstyles for black women

Ladies having sexy + reserved personality can opt this hairstyle to look more attractive anywhere, no matter if it’s casual day or any occasion. This hairstyle will give you a look of sexy proud lady so you can keep your personality style to be reserved at same time.

Things to Use:

  • Hair Spray (Any brand)
  • Moroccan Oil (to rejuvenate and revitalize your hair-ends locks)
  • Organ Oil is good for giving hair protein.

Styling instructions for a sleek Bob

  • After having shampoo, dry your hair with towel to remove any water drops from hair.
  • Apply your desired hair styling cream.
  • Use Denman brush straight away to blow dry your hair.
  • Part your hair according to desire such as which side you want partition line.
  • Iron hair flat from top of head to nape of neck.
  • Work on small hair sections and bend hair-ends slightly.
  • While working on bangs, flip them backward for having movement feelings.
  • Application of organ oil from mid of hair to hair-ends will be beneficial.
  • To give ending touch, use little mist hairspray for having flexible hold to hair-ends.

A Sleek Bob hairstyle recommended for:

Best for round, triangle or oval facial shaped women.

2: Adding Volume to Long hairstyles for black women

This African American long hairstyle is best for evening parties or friendly weekend trips as nothing can be more beautiful than adding some volume in your full of shine black sleek to big soft curls long hairstyles for black women.

Things to Use:

Styling instructions for adding volume

  • For this hairstyle you should have dry hair, thermal protectant can be used to prepare your hair for styling.
  • Start work from medium-sized hair sections by curling hair vertically with curling wand.
  • You can iron bangs as per your own desire but flat is recommended to look beautiful.
  • You can use a hair-donut by placing it on head-crown and pin-up them to have bump look.
  • Cover up hair-donut with outer hair smoothly.
  • You can pull out in a way of ponytail slightly sider from your hair donut.
  • Spread some hair on your shoulders to have sexy look as you wish.
  • Give finishing touch by using light hold hair-spray to lock your hairstyle for long lasting.

Adding Volume hairstyle recommended for:

All type of face-shape women can try adding volume long hairstyles for black women.

3: Half shaved Wild side Long hairstyles for black women

When you are in mood of showing off your inner dirty bad bitch to outer world, such gusty half shaved wild side long hairstyles for black women will work amazingly. Usually it suits to teenagers but middle-aged women can also try if desired.

Things to Use:

  • Hair Spray (Recommended: Bumble and Bumble’s Shine On Finishing hairspray)
  • Hair iron
  • Hair Rollers
  • Thermal protectant

Styling instructions for half shaved Wild Side

  • Work on perfectly clean and well blow dried hair.
  • Use thermal protectant.
  • Iron your hair till ends lightly and smoothly.
  • With help of Velcro rollers set your style and wait until hair get cool.
  • Once required results achieved, remove rollers and give your hair finger comb gently.
  • Give finishing touch with shiny hairspray.
  • Shave your short hair partition if you haven’t already.

Half shaved Wild Side Long hairstyle recommended for:

Half shaved wild side long hairstyle suits on all type face-shapes.

4: Classically blown out long hairstyles for black women

Any lady for any purpose can try classically blown out long hairstyles for black women.

Things to Use:

  • Thermal hair cream (Recommended: Carol’s Daughter Smoothing Blow Dry Cream Chocolat)
  • Wide teeth comb (if easily possible)
  • Natural Bristle Round hair Brush (for blow dry)
  • Hair iron
  • Organ hair oil (Optional)

Styling instructions for classically blown out

  • Start from application of thermal hair cream from hair-roots to hair-tips.
  • Gently comb hair with big wide teeth comb or try finger combing through hair.
  • Make 4 quadrants of hair sections.
  • Blow dry your hair into different small sections by using natural bristle round hair brush.
  • Keep blow drying until your hair get 100% dried.
  • Re-section all of your hair.
  • Flat iron all hair sections.
  • Give finishing touch with organ oil to hair-ends.

Classically blown out Long hairstyle recommended for:

This hairstyle will work beautifully on all type of faces J

5: Long loose curls hairstyles for black women

Long loose curls hairstyles give sophisticated glamorous look to any women as it suits to all shape faces

Things to Use:

  • thermal protectant
  • Curler or curling iron
  • Shine enhancing hair cream

Styling instructions for long loose curls

  • Give thermal heat to blow dry your hair.
  • Curl your hair vertically by using curling irons of 1 ½ inches.
  • Let curls be cool, then gently spread them to have shaken out look.
  • To give finishing touch use shine enhancing cream for hair texture to hair-ends.

Long loose curls hairstyle recommended for:

Suits best to faces types.

6: Layered Bob or First Lady long layered hairstyles for black women

First Lady long layered hairstyles for black women are very popular among black ladies, I can bet, you must noticed Cute lady Michelle Obama in this worth trying hairstyle.

Things to Use:

  • Medium sized natural bristle round hair brush
  • Dry lotion for hair blow
  • Hair iron
  • Moisturizing oil

Styling instructions for Layered Bob or First Lady long layered hairstyles

  • Prepare your hair as tower-dry.
  • Blow your hair with dry hair lotion.
  • Use medium sized natural bristle round hair brush for blow drying your hair.
  • Flat iron hair from neck-nape to bend ends.
  • For your hair bangs you can iron as per desired style.
  • Apply any good branded moisturizing oil to hair ends.

Layered Bob hairstyle recommended for:

I highly recommend for triangle, oval and oblong facial shapes women.

7: Pixie Cuts long hairstyles for black women

Pixie Cuts long hairstyles for black women give a stunning look to any shaped women as it effects facial presentations too. Starting from head crown to dropping through eyes grazing bangs look very sexy.

Things to Use:

  • Blow dry cream
  • Small paddle hair brush
  • Hair straightener or hair iron
  • Hair dryer
  • Hair shining cream

Styling instructions for pixie long

  • Have towel-dried hair to start work on hairstyle.
  • Use blow dry hair cream from hair-roots to hair-tips.
  • Use small paddle brush to blow dry hair in straight.
  • Iron your hair into small hair-sections in a way to straight your hair from head to tips.
  • Give your desired style to bangs.
  • Use hair shiner on hair-ends for finishing touches.

Pixie Cuts long hairstyle recommended for:

A style works perfectly with all face-shapes to make any girl more gorgeous and attractive.

8: Perfectly curled long layered hairstyles for black women

Glamour girl or perfectly curled long layered hairstyle is perfect enough to give you celebrity look. The good thing about this shinny gorgeous hairstyle is that it suits to all face shapes women.

Things to Use:

  • Thermal protectant
  • Hair rollers
  • Hair dryer
  • Flat iron
  • Heat protection serum (option to protect your hair from extra heat)

Styling instructions for perfectly curled layered hairstyles

  • Start work on fresh blow-dried hair to get best results.
  • Use thermal hair protectant for preparing strands.
  • Use hot hair rollers to wrap-up hair from top to underneath.
  • Use flat iron smoothing when rollers will get cool, to prevent your face from bangs falling on it.
  • Remove rollers gently and have soft finger comb through hair.
  • Application of shine enhancing hair spray to ends will give you glamorous look.

Perfectly curled long layered hairstyle recommended for:

This perfectly curled long layered hairstyle is best to give glamour to any girl with any face shape.

Author Notes about long hairstyles for black women

As there are number of long hairstyles for black women and we see many teenage girls and working ladies around us copying black women hairstyles, sometimes it seems hard to recognize what hairstyle your seen girl was copying, isn’t it? Suppose, I have shared different 8 long hairstyles for black women and you might ever see bit similar to anyone of discussed hairstyles. In short, my point is you really don’t need to copy any hairstyle exactly as it described to you, you can simply get idea and have your own unique hairstyle.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you as you can bring required things for trying any one from the list of long hairstyles for black women. Moreover, if you notice then above shared all long hairstyles for black women tutorials have about similar things required which means you can keep these hair tools and products of good brands at home for future use as well such as hair shiner to give final touches to have attractive look etc.

Different hairstyles coming and changing trends every year but long hairstyles for black women were, are and will be in trends till earth won’t fall apart into pieces and the reason behind this saying is attractiveness and naturalness of these hairstyles which never going to be end ever. Attraction level at extreme when you copy any one from list of trendy long hairstyles for black women and everyone turned to you to give time to look details of your hairstyle.

I must say if you are blessed with long hair then before going for haircut to shorten give a try to any one from numerous long hairstyles for black women to feel the uniqueness of beauty.

Don’t forget to share long hairstyles for black women article on social media and with your friends if you found it beneficial and worth sharing!